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SE Linux play machine is online!
Graph of logins to my SE Linux Play Machine
Minor tweaks that need to be applied to the Unix configuration when installing SE Linux.
Information on getting email translated for communication with SE Linux people.
How I pronounce SE Linux

SE Linux files

Manoj's repository of Debian packages

deb packages/

IRC channel

On the channel #selinux is used for discussing SE Linux, here is the current topic:
English channel about NSA Security Enhanced Linux. (Denna kanal engelsk, e svensk.) Please be patient, we're not always here, but we do like to chat so hang around. FAQ: | SE Linux News Portal: | Planet SE Linux:
On the same dedicated server there is #fedora-selinux for discussing SE Linux on Fedora.

Presentation Notes and Papers

SE Linux ARM (iPaQ) patches

These patches are against 2.4.19-rmk6-pxa1-hh12, apply in order:
  • Back-port of LSM and SE Linux kernel code to 2.4.19-arm
  • My Arm patch to apply after the main LSM patch
  • For a binary feed of SE Linux patched kernels for the iPaQ H3900 series add the following to your /etc/ipkg.conf file:
    src 2.4.19

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